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Frank Lloyd Wright is said to have quipped, “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles,” a quote that has since been repeated both by those who love and hate L.A. The “City of Angels” is a city of sharp contrasts, home to people who hail from all parts of the globe and an important center of culture, business, media, and international trade.

Visiting New York City, also referred to as “New York”, “NYC”, “The Big Apple”, or just “The City” by locals, the most populous city in the United States, is our dream come true. New York City is a center for media, culture, food, fashion, art, research, finance, and trade. It has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building, the busiest city in the world, the city that never sleep, everyone is on the street all day long.

San Francisco is one of those cities that need no introduction; like Hollywood and New York, this city already enjoys international renown for everything from sightseeing to shopping to entertainment. The popular tourist destination in San Francisco including cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, and its Chinatown district.

The human bird shall take his first flight, filling the world with amazement, all writings with his fame, and bringing eternal glory to the nest whence he sprang. ⎯ Leonardo da Vinci.   Flew 13,869 Km away from home was amazing experiences. The excitement, the curiosity, the nervousness, all mixed together in your brain and spread over all of your body; specially when our ANA Plane landed safely in LAX Airport. It was the first time we put our feet in American continent.

All right… Here we go again. One year past so quick! Memories of our Euro Trip last year are still fresh in my mind, it was quite a long and exhausting trip, but another bucket-list must be ticked this year! So.. This year we are traveling to explore North America. …You are right, America is HUGE! With the limited amount of time we wont explore all of them. But we tried to explore as many place as possible without rush it so the trip is still enjoyable.

5 Countries in total has been traveled in our trip. After 3 Hours in train from Brussels, we arrived back in Amsterdam to spend the remaining day before we flight back to Bali. Yes, flight back home 🙁 The only things we noticed that change from our last visit 2 weeks earlier was the weather / temperature, it was drop significantly to around 9*C. It freeze us, since we haven’t prepare for it. We spend this last few days to meet friends, bought some souvenir for our friends in Bali,

After 2 hour flight from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport we arrived in our 5th county of our Euro Trip, Brussels, Belgium. Apart from its famous chocolates and beers there are many attractions that most visitors cannot begin to imagine. Brussels is a centre of European culture, officially nicknamed ‘the European Village’, with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, fascinating walks, trendy restaurants and bars. There is a lot to learn about the history of the city, the architecture, the Belgian obsession with comic strips, and the art of chocolate

The fourth county of our Euro Trip is Italy. We flew from Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport Rome Italy with EasyJet. While we chasing for our flight, we having a bad experience with the staff of Charles de Gaulle Airport. They refused us for check in on our flight even when we arrived 45 minute before departure and told us to buy a new ticket for next flight. WHAT?! Luckily the other staff allowed us to check in.  If this happens to you, just

Paris, The 3rd destination of our Euro Trip, an iconic city of light has inspired all of the lovebirds around the globe to complete their love story. Day 1: Getting Headache with The Public Transportations Paris have 5 types of public transports, Rail (Metro, RER, SNCF, Tramway) and Bus. Paris boasts one of the world’s safest and most efficient public transportation systems. Trains usually arrive on time; buses are well-appointed and clean, and commuter express (“RER”) trains service the city’s most important stops in record time. What’s not to love?

After we had enough sleeping in 8 hours trip from Amsterdam Centraal – Frankfurt finally we arrived in Basel. In Basel we were following our trip with another 2 hours train to reach our final destination. Our next destination is Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucerne is a beautiful small city in the heartland of Switzerland, across the lake from Altdorf, where legend has it William Tell shot an apple off of his son’s head. In addition to being a fine place to visit in and of itself Lucerne is a great base

Amsterdam, the first city we visited in our Euro Trip. 13 hours of non stop flight made us a bit jet lag however everything was OK when the plane had landed at 8 o’clock in the morning at Schiphol Airport. Since we arrived very early, we had a plenty of time to walk around in the airport, to know the area, the dutch sign and how their public transportation work. Day 1: Learning the public transport If you are ever experiencing traveling by public transport in Singapore (MRT) or other

Hi, it’s been a while since I posted my last work here, it a busy month lately. And it is time to refresh my mind again… 🙂 Well, if you have been following my blog, you must be noticed that I do travelling regularly every year. I love traveling so much. Why? Simple… Spending your money for traveling will give you a precious memory that last forever. It give you a different perspective to see the world. See more people, culture, and much more. It something you will never regret.

It’s my second Hong Kong traveling. Last year it just a short business trip, but this time it totally awesome holiday. One full weeks, a plenty of time to explore the busiest city in Asia. A direct flight from Bali to Hong Kong took around 7 hours. Therefore choosing a comfy flight is a must! Before you go, remember to install Google Maps on your smart phone. Even Hong Kong is an international business port, most of the locals cant speak english clearly, so it a bit hard to communicate

Since our last trip in Bangkok on February 2012, we had the greatest opportunity to travel to South Korea with Garuda Indonesia Airlines, actually this trip was my girlfriend’s dream. 🙂 We were traveling for 8 days, 6 days in Seoul and 2 days in Jeju Island. Transport Seoul is one of the toughest city in Asia, because you couldn’t imagine how big the city is and you need to understand the subway-lines, figure the transport cost, the route map, and the biggest challenge is language however once you understand the

Dji Sam Soe Bali with Sinar Photo Bali present The 9 Wonders of Bali Photo Competition, one of the new experience of photo competition that bring the photographers directly to 9 best spot in bali and express their imagination to take the best shoot. This competition was splited into 3 groups of locations; Group A was shooting in Denpasar, Badung & Gianyar Regencies; Group B was shooting in Klungkung, Bangli & Karangasem Regencies; and Group C was shooting in Tabanan, Negara & Singaraja Regencies. Lucky me, i got into group

Images from my trip to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s was a very great trip. Although 5 days isn’t enough to enjoy the city. But all of us got the fun… The city appears extremely chaotic at first glance, with traffic snarls, thick diesel fumes, heat and humidity and much more, once, u are able to get past the initial experience, then can you find the warm and welcoming people, lively atmosphere, exotic nightlife, great Thai cuisine, architecture, lot of street object for photograph, and much more. Everything was so amazing, just

Hi all… Here is some of my landscape shoot since I bought my 5D Mark 2 camera. I don’t shoot landscape a lot, so i need lots of input to increase my knowledge, your comment are really appreciated 🙂 The Rising Sun Date Taken: 2011/04/24 Location: Kintamani Fog of Love Date Taken: 2011/04/24 Location: Kintamani The Fisherman Date Taken: 2011/04/24 Location: Lake Batur Morning Activity Date Taken: 2011/04/24 Location: Lake Batur The Red Sea Date Taken: 2011/07/23 Location: Sanur Unbreakable Date Taken: 2011/12/31 Location: Candidasa Tree of Hope Date Taken: