Frequently Asked Questions

Bali Photography

Before the Shoot

How do we book you as our photographer?

We have gone to great lengths to make sure our booking process is easy and convenient. A retainer of 50% of your chosen package due in order to secure your date. The retainer fee is non-refundable. For the wedding, the remaining balance will need to be finalized 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, for family or engagement the final payment should be made on the day of the photoshoot by cash.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment via Paypal or direct bank transfer. We’ll send all the details along with the invoice when you have confirm the booking.

For couple or family session when is the best time to take photos?

The best time for photo session is during the golden hours sunset/sunrise (6AM-10AM or 3PM-7PM) to avoid harsh light as Bali is a tropical island which close to the horizon.

Rainy Day Engagement Photoshoot in Ubud

What happens if it’s raining during family/couple session?

The weather in Bali is now unpredictable. If it’s just light rain we’ll wait until the rain stop. If the rain is heavy and not stop we’ll try to reschedule the photoshoot the next day, however, if we don’t have any time left, we will cancel the photoshoot and refund all the money. We can also be creative with the rains! Our camera is water-sealed, and so are we, so we are happy to shoot in the rain and it won’t affect how many photos you receive. We pretty much have it covered, the rest is up to you!


After the Shoot

What do we expect after the wedding

A common question that quickly follows after the wedding day is an email or message asking where your photos are and when will you get to see them. Of course, the excitement of seeing your beautiful wedding photos makes us impatient and question what the hell we are waiting for.

Waterfall Wedding

At each wedding we captured around 3000 – 7000 shots and each image needs to be carefully selected to tell the story of your day. Then there is the editing, cropping photos, adjusting the color balance to create beautiful light and airy result. There is a lot more work to be done once the photos are captured. This whole process will take from 4 – 6 weeks.

Once completed, your collection of images will become available in your personal gallery and will include a mixture of color and black and white images.

How are the images delivered?

If you chose the package that covers more than 8 hours session, full-resolution images (300dpi) are delivered on a custom made USB drive approximately 2 weeks after your gallery is made available. This includes about 6000 digital negative images.

If I purchased the album, how long does it take for that to be designed and ordered?

If you purchased our album with your package then this will take additional time too. Once the photos edited, we will designing the layout to fit into an album that telling a story of your day. We pick the best selection of photos that highlighting the key moments. Once done we will send the layout for your approval. When everything is done then it needs to be sent away for printing. It will need around 2 weeks to print the album.

What kind of edit does applies to selected images?

We only do a basic exposure, brightness-contrast, cropping, color correction, and toning. We are unable to do advance digital imaging editing, for example, changing the shape of the body.

Will our images be featured on your blog?

Yes! Of course we’d love to feature your wedding or love stories on our blog!