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Ubud Photography Routes

Ubud offers more than just a destination to eat, pray and love. It has green hills, ancient and powerful rivers, terraced rice field, and an abundant of art. Art is everywhere – on the architecture of a temple, on an intricately carved statue being sold in a shop, on the masterpieces in the museums, on the offerings on the streets, and all the tiny details that makes Ubud unique and beautiful.

Ubud’s unique combination of natural landscapes, cultural richness, and artistic elements makes it a perfect canvas for capturing stunning and memorable photographs. The fact that it looks good both in person and through the lens adds an extra layer of appeal, making it an ideal choice for various photography sessions, from engagement and honeymoon photoshoots to documenting the diverse aspects of the destination.

Below are some lists of Ubud photography routes that we recommend to our clients. These recommended routes ensure a diverse and visually captivating photoshoot, allowing you to have a comprehensive collection that captures the essence of Ubud’s beauty and cultural richness.

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