Hi, it’s been a while since I posted my last work here, it a busy month lately. And it is time to refresh my mind again… 🙂

Well, if you have been following my blog, you must be noticed that I do travelling regularly every year. I love traveling so much. Why? Simple… Spending your money for traveling will give you a precious memory that last forever. It give you a different perspective to see the world. See more people, culture, and much more. It something you will never regret.

I love telling story, share info, tips & trick while I travel. And some friends who read my blog told me that what I’ve share here was very useful to them. 🙂

Then… Where were we go this year?

This might be the bigest leap in my life, and I’m really excite about it. After a year of preparation we finally flew to the Blue Continent. Yes, it’s EURO TRIP!
This trip took around 20 days, and since there so much story I want to share, I’ll split this post into 7 parts.


Well it’s depend on how will you spend your days. Since we are not using any tour service at all, we have to prepare everything by our own, we made our itinerary as detail as possible, we book all of our accommodation, plane & intercity train long time before the day. We would love to share our itinerary with you, just drop your comment on the bottom of this post and we will send you the document 🙂

Accommodation: We tried to avoid hotel to stay into. And we prefer to rent an apartment or a house via AIRBNB.COM (use this link to get discount on your booking). It’s not only save you a lot, but also give you experience to stay as a local, make friends, and share story with the host.

Baggage & Stuff: Bring only what you need, not what you want to take, otherwise you will ended up with a useless stuff. One of must have item if you want to travel to european country is: GO Travel shoulder wallet. Never bring a real wallet while you travel if you don’t wanna have problem with a pick pocket. Just store your money & passport inside it, and you are ready to go, safely & confident.

Euro Trip 1
Euro Trip 2
Euro Trip 3
Euro Trip 4
Euro Trip 5
Euro Trip 6
Euro Trip 7


A super long 2.5 + 13 hours non stop flight (Bali – Singapore – Amsterdam)

If you planning to travel to Europe from South East Asia, We recommend you to fly with one of this airlines: Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines or KLM. The reason is, 13 hours of non stop flight will exhaust your energy a lot. These 3 airlines will provide you the best flight experience ever. The inflight meal & drink, the entertainment system and their seat spacing will help you forget it’s a long flight.

Euro Trip 8
Euro Trip 9
Euro Trip 10
Euro Trip 11
Euro Trip 12
Euro Trip 13
Euro Trip 14

To reduce jet lag, I recommend to take the night flight from 10 or 11PM, so you can have enough sleep on you flight. And you will arrive in Europe at 7-8 in the morning. A good timing to start the day. 🙂

I also drank lot of wine & water during the flight, and it help me to keep my eyes sleepy.

NEXT Euro Trip Day 1-3: AMSTERDAM


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