Forecast looks like it will rain, should we reschedule the Bali photoshoot? It’s a question I always get from my clients, especially during the rainy season in January or February.

Don’t rely on forecast app!

As a Bali professional photographer, I always look at the weather forecast and compare it with the real situation. For more than a decade shooting in Bali, the weather forecast was only 20% accurate.

reschedule the Bali photoshoot

Wait until the last minute before rescheduling

If the weather forecast looks like it will rain and the sky is gloomy in the morning before the photoshoot, I always encourage my client to wait and see until 2 or 3 hours before the shoot since the weather in Bali changes rapidly within an hour. There have been many situations where I rescheduled sessions too early due to a forecast. The result many times is that it DIDN’T end up raining, or the rescheduled session was the one that got rained out. I don’t want this to happen again. So it’s better if we wait until the last minute!

Rain is only in some regions

Most of the time, the rain is only in some regions, not all over the island. It’s not unusual for example, to spend a beautiful sunny day in Uluwatu, while watching storm clouds pour rain in the Denpasar area which is only 15 kilometers away.

Wait until the rain stop

If your Bali photoshoot is scheduled in the morning it would be easier since we can wait until the rain stops. With the rain typically lasting no more than an hour in Bali, you can still make the most of the rest of the shooting time once the weather clears up. And of course our waiting time won’t cut the shooting time, to ensure that you still have plenty of opportunities to capture the best images!


If your photoshoot is scheduled for the sunset session and the rain is pouring hard until 2 or 3pm, I’m happy to reschedule the Bali photoshoot based on our photographers availability with no additional charge. In my team, I have three photographers so I will do my best to accommodate you!

rainy day photoshoot

Be creative!

So, unless it is pouring hard rain for the entire day, there is a good chance the photoshoot will happen! I can also be creative with the rains! My gear is water-sealed, and so am I. I am happy to shoot in the rain and it won’t affect how many photos you receive. I pretty much have it covered, the rest is up to you!

So in summary, regarding reschedule the Bali photoshoot.

1. Don’t believe the weather forecast in Bali.
2. Certainly, in tropical areas like Bali, rain can be unpredictable and may occur in certain areas while other parts remain dry. So if you are in the Seminyak area, it could be sunny in Uluwatu.
3. Wait until the last minutes to reschedule the session, since the weather can change rapidly.
4. We will always accommodate you with the rescheduling.

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