Melasti Beach Ungasan

About Melasti Beach Ungasan

Melasti Beach Ungasan is one of Bali’s best beaches for photography. Melasti beach was actually a new popular beach, it became popular since the government builds the road with car access directly to the beach. Now people can easily access the beach without the need to climb down many stairs! Melasti beach has a similar look like it’s neighbor Pandawa beach but I prefer to shoot here for some reason. Pandawa Beach has become too crowded with water sport activity, cafes and stalls on the beachside.

There are so many special features that make Melasti Beach Ungasan looking gorgeous, a quintessential Bali beach, from Melasti beach the dramatic sky scrapping stone wall, the contrasting dark candi bentar or temple gate against the white sand, and of course the spectacular sunset! The combination of soft blue and green water and white rocky cliffs making Melasti beach a perfect spot for your fine art photography session.

Swells are usually consistent with calm wind so it’s safe for a family session.

Best Time to Shoot

This place can get packed so plan your photos during the week or for sunrise to make the most out of your experience, but I usually come here on sunset for the golden light.

What to Wear For Photoshoot at Melasti Beach Ungasan

The location is easy to reach so any sort of wardrobe is suitable.

Entrance Fee

500.000 Rupiah entrance fees for photo shooting

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