Canggu Beach

About Canggu Beach

Canggu beach is black sanded beauty in Canggu Village that offers a stunning cliff-top sunset. Apart from its dramatic quality, the black sand reflects the light beautifully. The beach tends to be quiet and not too touristy due to it still the hidden surf point on the island of God where no many surfers know it yet. Canggu beach is only visited by the local community in particular during the holiday season for recreation purposes, a perfect choice for shy couples who prefer to be doing their shootings without people staring at them.

There were 2 beaches in Canggu where I often go for photo shootings, Mengening Beach and Nyanyi Beach. The view is quite similar but I prefer Mengening beach now as it’s more spacious and less crowded. Mengening beach is also famous for its dramatic rock formations. The descent offers an overview of the beach so you can easily pick a spot that’s less crowded.

Best Time to Shoot

Canggu beach is perfect on sunset. The weather here changes rapidly so always check beforehand and be prepared. Watch out for the occasionally unpredictable waves especially if you are doing the photoshoot near the water. The wind here is wild but also add lots of movement to the shots.

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