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By the time you depart for your honeymoon, you and your new spouse will likely feel likes pros in front of the camera—between your engagement photo session and the wedding day itself, you’ve logged some serious time smiling and posing in front of photographer. Should the beautiful photography end when your reception does? Only if you want it to! Hiring a professional Bali honeymoon photographer is an excellent way to commemorate your first vacation as a married couple. My Bali honeymoon photography sessions is more relaxed and casual, try to capture the moment as candid as possible but still help my couple with some guidance if needed.

These are the collections of my Bali honeymoon photography images. Without carrying the burden of capturing every picture-perfect moment, you’ll be able to relax and let the Bali honeymoon photographer snap the memorable pictures for you.

Forecast looks like it will rain, should we reschedule the Bali photoshoot? It’s a question I always get from my clients, especially during the rainy season in January or February. Don’t rely on forecast app! As a Bali professional photographer, I always look at the weather forecast and compare …
March 8, 2024
Balangan Beach Photo Session of Christina and Rene, this couple travelled from Germany right after their wedding to Bali for their honeymoon. This Balangan Beach photo session was taken at Balangan Beach, Jimbaran on sunset time. The beach was pretty famous for it’s scenic and the magnificent sunset, that’s …
September 20, 2017
Nazli & Orhan experience a half-day Honeymoon Photography in Ubud Bali. Bali is a sun-kissed, stylish, and vibrant destination- perfect for honeymooners. A seamless blend of welcoming culture, intriguing architecture, and stunning natural beauty, it’s a destination synonymous with tranquility and pleasure. We experience an amazing journey with this …
September 30, 2016

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