Tegalalang Rice Terraces Photo Spot

About Tegalalang Rice Terraces Photo Spot

Tegalalang Rice Terraces photo spot in Ubud is the most famous photography spot in Bali. This is the famous rice terrace that you’ve probably seen in everyone Instagram photos and a lot on my blog. Unlike some places around the world that have been spoiled by tourism, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces are definitely still a great place for your photography spot. In Tegalalang Rice Terraces you will get Bali in one frame where the subject can get a beautiful green rice field and the glorious early morning sun ray.

Best Time to Shoot

The best timing to shoot here at Tegalalang Rice Terraces photo spot is definitely in the morning. I know it’s a pain from some people to getting up early! But the lighting you get will be worth it! By coming here early not only are there much less people, but it’s so much cooler at this time of day. My client always thanks me for this.

What to Wear For Photoshoot at Tegalalang Rice Terraces Photo Spot

The long flowy dresses with bright or soft colour do look amazing amongst the rice fields. Please try to avoid wearing heels it could be dangerous due to the very muddy step. Below are some of our client’s outfit during our photo session in Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

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