Forget fairytales, Yui & Mito’s Bali prewedding session at Tamblingan Lake was straight out of a romance that could be every girl’s dream! Picture this, misty lake nestled amongst rolling hills, the perfect backdrop for their love story.

Tamblingan Lake, a shimmering jewel cradled by nature’s embrace, offered a romantic escape beyond comparison. Picture them, hand in hand, silhouetted against the glassy surface, their love story reflected in its depths. As their photographer, it was pure joy guiding them through this enchanting haven, capturing their love with every click of the camera.

Bali Prewedding Session 1
Bali Prewedding Session 2
Bali Prewedding Session 3
Bali Prewedding Session 4
Bali Prewedding Session 5
Tamblingan Lake Prewedding Session  6
Tamblingan Lake Prewedding Session  7
Bali Prewedding Session 8
Bali Prewedding Session 9

The magic of Tamblingan Lake dances with the weather, and during their shoot, it performed its most breathtaking act. Imagine them gliding serenely across the glassy surface, whispers of love carried on the gentle breeze. Stolen kisses, soft and sweet, would surely make even the most vibrant butterflies blush.

But Tamblingan Lake is more than just a pretty face, although, let’s be honest, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. This is a place where time seems to slow, inviting you to simply be present, enveloped in the warmth of the moment. It’s no wonder couples from all corners of the world choose this haven to capture their love story.

Bedugul Bali Prewedding 12
Botanical Garden Bali Prewedding 13
Bali Prewedding Session 14
Bali Prewedding Session 20
Bali Prewedding Session 21
Bali Prewedding Session 15
Bali Prewedding Session 16
Bali Prewedding Session 17
Bali Prewedding Session 18
Bali Prewedding Session 19

To complete their Bali prewedding session experience, Yui and Mito also visited the Bedugul Botanical Garden (around 30 minutes from the lake) and Balangan Lake in Jimbaran. They found themselves giggling like teenagers and creating memories that would last a lifetime. This wasn’t just a photo session, it was an adventure that solidified their bond and made their pre wedding photos even more special. Congrats to Yui & Mito!

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