Balangan Beach

About Balangan Beach

As one of the most accessible beach in the Bukit area, Balangan Beach is popular as a photoshooting spot. The stunning ocean vista provided by its cliff-top position is a picture perfect location, especially during the sunset when the sky glows red. During the high tide, surfers swarmed the ocean below in their efforts to catch legendary waves. It is poetic and translucent, and offers a different experience from the other beach.

In Balangan beach you not only able to do the photoshoot at the beach itself, but there’s an access from the parking lot where you can stand on the stunning cliff looking over to the Indian ocean. Some couple also held a Bali adventure elopement here. What a nice spot!

Best Time to Shoot

We can shoot here in the morning from 06 AM or sunset start from 4 PM

What to Wear For Photoshoot at Balangan Beach

Wedding dress or bridesmaid style dress would be great here

Entrance Fee

IDR 750,000

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