What does love actually feel like? This is my challenge as an Ubud vacation photographer or a wedding photographer to capture the emotion or feeling of a couple in love. I’m positive I’m in love with my girlfriend, but I’d say my own experiences of love are unique. What I’m feeling might not necessarily be what someone else is feeling. For me, love feels like an intense hit of joy. It feels me with intense, overwhelmingly happy emotions, leaving you feeling like one giant dose of joy just hit you straight in the chest. That is why every result of my pictures always slightly different, because every couple has their own uniqueness, like our couple Michelle and Monte, they have their own way to love.

Ubud Vacation Photographer 1

Michelle and Monte our sweet couple from Hong Kong coming to Bali for their vacation, they decided to have their engagement session taken to in Ubud. The first location is The Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

Ubud Vacation Photographer 2
Ubud Vacation Photographer 3
Ubud Vacation Photographer 4
Ubud Vacation Photographer 5

The misty weather in the morning at the rice terraces always created a perfect dreamy picture!

Ubud Vacation Photographer 6
Ubud Vacation Photographer 7” width=

The second location was taken in Blangsinga Waterfall. The shoot was taken for about 4 hours by our Bali associate photographer.

Ubud Vacation Photographer 8
Ubud Vacation Photographer 9
Ubud Vacation Photographer 10
Ubud Vacation Photographer 11

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