Bali is an island that should be on everyone’s bucket list! And perhaps you need to consider to visit this island in 2019! There are so many things to see in Bali other than the beach and sunset. Here are some ‘must-do’ Bali experiences in 2019 that we can do on one single trip less than a day.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

The Tegalalang rice terrace is home to the most famous rice fields in Bali. A truly awe-inspiring sight, the beautiful green rice paddies stretch on for what seems like an eternity. Come here very early in the morning to see the most amazing ray of lights! My best advice is to come around 6 or 7 am.

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Visit the Bali ancient Temples

No Bali experiences would be complete without a trip to see at least one of Bali’s temples. There are over 20,000 Pura (Balinese for temple) in Bali at last count, a widespread marker of Bali’s exuberant culture. Make a visit to the Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple after your trip to Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

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Experiencing Bali on Scooter

Bali is best seen and experienced from behind the handlebars of your very own scooter or motorbike.
Hiring a scooter in Bali will allow you to get out of the tourist centers, it will reduce your reliance on relatively expensive or unreliable public transport, and if everything goes in your favor it will save you money.

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Photos are from honeymoon session of Laura and Mike!
Couple’s note: “My fiance and I are getting married next weekend and are VERY excited to start our married life together on our trip to Bali. We are having an outdoor garden wedding at an estate venue near our home. We have been together for almost 5 years and we live together with our little dog Paisley. I am definitely more of a traveler than he is, but we are both excited to travel all the way to Bali and do some sightseeing, hiking, snorkeling, yoga, and immerse ourselves in the culture as much as possible. We did not do an engagement shoot prior to our wedding so we were hoping to get some romantic shots of us together while on our honeymoon, also allowing us to get some great professional photos of the gorgeous, lush environments that Indonesia has to offer. We are staying in Jimbaran Bay, but are willing to travel a bit to get the absolute perfect photos!”

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