Bali’s Best Beaches for Photography


The island of Bali is blessed with the abundance of beautiful beaches. Be it the alluring dark sanded beach, rugged and rocky beach landscape or white-sanded beach with still water, the island has it all. Some are rather challenging to reach such as the beaches of Uluwatu, but some are just an easy stroll away like the beaches in Sanur or Nusa Dua.

In my career as a Bali photographer, the beaches that I prefer to take my clients must have these two conditions: relatively easy to reach and photogenic. Bear in mind – not all clients, especially the ladies would appreciate walking down steep stairs with her brocaded dress and heels. As a general tips, I would always make sure that the client’s safety comes first and that includes checking on the tide before we do the photoshoot. I would suggest them to wear light colored clothes to enhance the reflection on their skins and figures. Some of the popular photo spots charge for a professional photoshooting taking place in their beaches, so please make sure that you get the receipt when you pay the fee to ensure that the money truly goes to the village development fund.

Here are the list of Bali’s best beaches for photography and some important tips to ensure a successful photo shooting session.

C&K: Before Sunset Bali Engagement Photoshoot 10

Charlene and Kevin, Before Sunset Bali Engagement Photoshoot

Melasti Beach

This beach is one of Bali’s best beaches for photography, it’s one my favorite spot as a Bali photographer for photoshooting session. There are so many special features that make Melasti Beach gorgeous, a quintessential Bali beach. Be it the dramatic sky scrapping stone wall, the contrasting dark candi bentar or temple gate against the white sand, and the sunset. I never get bored of the sunset here. It is simply stunning every time. Sunrise and sunset will be the perfect time to come here. It is easy to reach so any sort of wardrobe is suitable.


C&B: Bali Beach Wedding at Balangan 22

Claire and Brent, Bali Beach Wedding at Balangan

C&R: Honeymoon Bali Photography at Balangan Beach 11

Christina and Rene, Honeymoon Bali Photography at Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

As one of the most accessible beach in the Bukit area, Balangan is popular as a photoshooting spot. The stunning ocean vista provided by its cliff-top position is a picture perfect location, especially during the sunset when the sky glows red. During the high tide, surfers swarmed the ocean below in their efforts to catch legendary waves. It is poetic and translucent, and offers a different experience from the other beach.


Chris and Megan: Honeymoon Photography at Jimbaran Beach 14

Chris and Megan, Honeymoon Bali Photography at Tegalwangi Beach

Tegalwangi Beach

Slightly hidden behind the famous AYANA Resort & Spa, Tegalwangi is a popular beach to see the sunset. Access is slightly more difficult because the road is still rocky and uneven. Cactuses grow verdantly – so you might want to watch your steps. Long dresses are not suggested if a client wants to do a photoshoot down at the beach. However, the promise of stunning sunset doesn’t’ discourage couples doing their pre-wedding photshooting here – so it can be crowded and create quite a queue.


W&D: Nusa Dua Beach Honeymoon Photography 13

Winnie and Darrent, Nusa Dua Beach Honeymoon Photography

Nusa Dua Beach

As a home for Bali’s most luxurious five-star resorts, beaches in Nusa Dua tends to be less crowded and spotlessly clean. I usually recommend my client to stay in one of the resort so we do not need permit to do photoshooting on the adjoining beach. Sunrise and sunset are suitable for a romantic session. Some of the resorts that I recommend to my clients are The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Meliá Bali, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, and Grand Hyatt Bali for their wonderful beach access.


J&D: Casual Engagement Photography in Canggu 8

Joyce and Desmond Engagement Session at Nyanyi Beach

This black sanded beauty in Canggu offers a stunning cliff-top sunset make this beach become one of Bali’s best beaches for photography. Apart from its dramatic quality, the black sand reflects the light beautifully. The beach tends to be quiet and not too touristy, a perfect choice for shy couples who prefer to be doing their shootings without people staring at them. Watch out for the occasionally unpredictable waves especially if you are doing the photoshoot near the water.


Casper & Kirstine: Elopement Photography at Segara Village Hotel Bali 3

Casper & Kirstine: Elopement Photography at Segara Village Hotel, Sanur

Sanur Beach

Renowned as the Morning of the World, Sanur Beach is the best spot to watch sunrise with picturesque features such as the wave breakers and its seaside pavilions on the top. As a bonus for waking up really early, there are interesting backgrounds to be had such as the local fisherman leaving to get their catch of the day and the colorful traditional wooden boats known as jukung. The beach is very accessible so all sort of wardrobes are suitable.


F&S: A Light and Airy Bali Beach Wedding Destination 27

Fleur and Sam: A Light and Airy Bali Beach Wedding Destination

Mengening Beach

Located near the famous Tanah Lot Temple, Mengening Beach in Mengwi is perfect for those who want to capture the ambience of Tanah Lot but with fewer crowds. There is a temple on top of a huge coral boulder where a couple can go just before sunset to get a picture perfect photo featuring the black temple and the ravishing ocean underneath. With the black sand, this spot has a cinematic quality to it and definitely one that I recommend to experience.



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