So, you are thinking about getting married in Bali? Congratulations, it’s an amazing idea, as a local born and an expert in a destination Bali wedding fields I will help to give you guidance how to get have a perfect Bali wedding.

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Can Foreigners Get Married In Bali?

Unlike in some other countries, you do not need to be a resident in Indonesia (Bali) to get married, which makes it an excellent choice for a destination wedding. Around 100 couples from around the world are getting married in Bali every weeks! Most couple are coming from Australia, Singapore, The United States, Hong Kong. The reason is they can have a luxury wedding with a half price than their country. Most couples fly a few days before their wedding, settle in, have an incredible wedding celebration, and then travel around Bali on honeymoon visiting this tropical island has to offer.

What Types Of Wedding Ceremony Are There In Bali?

Legal Wedding

To have a legal wedding in Bali every couple should have both Religious and Civil Ceremonies. Religious ceremony is performed by one of 5 religions, recognized by Government of Indonesia: Buddhist, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hindu and Islam and then legalized by district Civil Officer. There are also some requirements needed to have your legal wedding in Bali such as copy of passport, birth certificate, as well as the passports for their two witnesses. You’ll need to visit your home country’s embassy to register your wedding and receive a letter of non-impediment.

bali wedding guide

Blessing Ceremony / Symbolic Wedding

Don’t want to deal with the requirement of legal wedding? Most couple are opted to do their legal stuff at their countries and do the blessing ceremony and symbolic wedding in Bali. You can do the ceremony literally everywhere, at the resort, beach, waterfall, on top of the cliff.

Should I hire a Wedding Planner

To be honest, YES! If you want to save time, money and wanted an experienced people whose familiar with the local custom, tradition, and logistic to help you then I recommend you to hire a wedding planner. You can find many wedding planner in Bali with varied cost, from the most saver one to the most expensive one, depending on your budget. The planner will also provide with valuable guidance and advice based on their past experiences.

bali wedding guide

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Married In Bali

Get to know the best month to get married in Bali is so important. Bali’s proximity to the equator creates a warm and humid climate year-round. November through March is rainy season, while the spring and summer are dry with a cool breeze. The popular outdoor wedding months to gett married in Bali are the dry months from April to October, as the weather is perfect and it’s rarely raining during this months. However as the months are so popular sometimes the venue will be more expensive and sometimes fully booked, so if you thinking about your budget you can consider picking up the off-season instead.

bali wedding guide

Should I learn Balinese or Indonesian Language to Have a Wedding in Bali

No worries about the language, most of the local vendor in Bali speak English fluently since mostly our clients in International client.

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