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Associate Bali Photographer – Eka

Associate Bali Photographer – Eka

Eka has always been the guy with the camera. But when he got to college he needed to listen to his parents to get practical degree. So he chose to be a nurse, even though on his heart he wanted to do something more creative. Eka was a nurse and a freelance photographer until he met Gusmank. Looking at Eka’s portfolio Gusmank believe that the a very good photography skill. Eka wanted to genuinely capture you through bright, vibrant and intimate photos. Our client would describe Eka as a polite, fun and kind guy.

Booking for Eka you will get the similar service, result, and quality as Gusmank. Eka will be there on your day but Gusmank will still handle all of the pre-wedding details along with the post- processing of your images. Every wedding blog post is a solid mix of both Gus and the Eka’s images.

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