Bali Wedding by Eka Gallery

Eka’s love for photojournalism and editorial fashion photography has undoubtedly influenced and enriched his wedding photography style. The combination of these influences showcases a unique ability to capture both intimate, real moments and create timeless portraits with a touch of editorial flair.

The emphasis on photojournalism suggests Bali Wedding by Eka is adept at capturing the spontaneous and genuine moments that unfold during a wedding day. This approach brings authenticity and a documentary feel to the wedding album, ensuring that the emotions and events are portrayed in a natural and unscripted manner.

Simultaneously, Eka’s experience in editorial fashion photography adds an artistic and curated dimension to his work. This influence is reflected in his ability to guide and create timeless portraits, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding collection. The blend of natural portraiture with an editorial flair suggests an eye for detail and a commitment to capturing the day’s unique atmosphere.

By ensuring that every curated detail and design is captured, Bali Wedding by Eka demonstrates a dedication to preserving the aesthetic and thematic elements of the wedding day. Couples working with Eka can expect a well-rounded and visually stunning representation of their special day, combining the best aspects of candid moments and carefully crafted portraits.

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