In the heart of Bali’s lush landscapes, Dean and Maria embarked on a journey that would forever alter the course of their lives. Dean chose this enchanting haven to orchestrate a surprise proposal—an intimate declaration of love beneath the tropical sunset sky.

We told Maria, that the couple got a complimentary dinner from the Ubud resort. So before we walk to the proposal area that been decorated, we scout the resort area for couple session to warm up the session. Afterward Satria led the couple to the poolside area. Against the backdrop of nature’s serenade by the poolside of La View’s Restaurant, Dean dropped to one knee, a small box in hand, and asked the question that would forever change their lives.

Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 1
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 2
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 3
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 4
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 5
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 6
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 7
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 8
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 9

Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 12
Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 13
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Ubud Sunset Dinner Proposal 15

Tears of joy and an overwhelming “Yes” marked the culmination of their romantic journey at Kupu Kupu Barong Villa—an intimate haven where love whispered through the rustling leaves, and the river echoed the sentiments of two hearts entwined.

A private dinner awaited after their Ubud proposal, set in the pool side area adorned with hue pink and orange sky sunset color, and the natural beauty of Kupu Kupu Barong Villa. The table, draped in white under a soft orange tent, welcomed the couple to an evening of romance and celebration. With the soft glow of the proposal lingering in the air, the couple continued their journey, sharing a toast to their love as the moon above began to show.

Congratulations for your Ubud sunset dinner proposal.

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