The Sanctuary Bali

Enchanting escapade, The Sanctuary Bali, where modern romance flourishes amidst jungle grandeur.

The Sanctuary Bali as Your Bali Wedding Venue

A wedding at The Sanctuary Bali unfolds as a dream amidst a stunning green lush tropical backdrop, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled beauty and tranquility. As you step onto the grounds of this luxurious villa, you are immediately embraced by the vibrant colors of the tropical surrounding you. The Sanctuary Bali’s architecture seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, featuring open spaces that allow the lush greenery to spill into the celebration areas. Stylish pathways, adorned with tropical blooms, guide guests through the enchanting venue.

Venue Setting

Set amidst a lush tropical garden of more than 20.000 m2 with perfectly manicured lawns and spectacular views of jungle and river. The ceremony is set against a picturesque tableau of towering palm trees, exotic flowers, and verdant foliage that stretches as far as the eye can see. Imagine exchanging vows in a serene garden or a carefully manicured lawn, with the emerald hues of the tropical landscape providing a breathtaking backdrop.


The Sanctuary Bali is a luxury private villa with a 35-meter pool, media room, spa and gym, all surrounded by lush gardens in a serene tropical setting. It houses 10 luxurious bedrooms, so many of your guests can stay together in this breathtaking villa. The Sanctuary Bali has a professional and fully equipped kitchen connected to a central dining and living pavilion overlooking an amazing 35-meter infinity pool with unobstructed jungle and river views. Along this pool you have two wooden Bales with library, media room, cinema TV system, sun loungers, bar, billiards table, DJ System and games. In the pool you find a Jacuzzi and Kids Pool

Favorites Spots to Photograph

The front gate of the bridal villa is cozy and charming, you can get fabulous light and offer a picturesque setting. The Sanctuary boasts a beautiful tree lined pathway that offers a serene ambiance. This pathway’s soft light is flattering for portraits, making it a must-use spot for photos. With its beautifully landscaped grounds, the Sanctuary provides a scenic backdrop for photos.


The sanctuary celebration locations can accommodate max 200 people.

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