Phalosa Bali Villa

Celebrating love at Phalosa Bali Villa, a secluded villa on Bali's enchanting Southwestern Coast in Greater Seminyak.

Phalosa Bali Villa as Your Bali Wedding Venue

This exquisite wedding venue offers a perfect fusion of contemporary sophistication and tropical allure. The name “Phalosa,” derived from Ancient Greek, meaning ‘to shine,’ aptly captures the essence of this venue, promising to add a radiant glow to your special day. The sprawling grounds and extensive lawns of Phalosa provide a versatile space for your dream wedding, whether you envision an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration. The attention to detail in the villa’s design, paired with the natural beauty of its surroundings, ensures that every moment is etched with elegance and charm.

Venue Setting

Bounded by a vast 3,000 square meters of meticulously landscaped grounds, Phalosa unfolds its unparalleled beauty facing the breathtaking expanse of the ocean. Beyond its enchanting appeal as a holiday haven, this versatile venue sets the stage for an array of events, be it a romantic wedding celebration, a grand product launch, an intimate private dinner, or a joyous birthday gathering. The expansive lawn serves as not only a picturesque playground for families but also as the ideal canvas to host and delight your cherished guests during any private event.


Villa Phalosa is a stunning tropical modern home, spanning two floors and providing lavish amenities for those seeking a peaceful and serene retreat. The upper outdoor area presents the beauty of the upper floor pool, with awe-inspiring views of nature.

The ground floor offers 2 en-suite bedrooms and a spacious living room with an open-plan kitchen, providing optimal comfort. The top floor is dedicated to 1 grand master suite, complete with a luxurious bathroom. Every part of Villa Phalosa has been designed to be Instagram-worthy, helping to ensure high occupancy rates and happy guests.

Favorites Spots to Photograph

My favorite photo spots at Villa Phalosa include the captivating upper outdoor area with its triangular architectural design, providing a perfect backdrop for capturing the stunning upper-floor pool and the breathtaking natural views. Also the enchanting beachfront area, where the natural beauty of the shoreline creates a picturesque backdrop for capturing moments of serenity and romance. Moreover, the unique wedding stage, resembling a tube, adds a touch of modern elegance to the setting.


Phalosa Bali Villa’s meticulously designed garden lies a captivating ceremony area, gracefully accommodating up to 400 standing guests or 350 seated attendees. Beyond this enchanting focal point, the expansive garden without the ceremony area unveils an even larger canvas, providing space for up to 600 standing guests or 450 seated guests.

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