Wonderland Bali Uluwatu

Wonderland Bali Uluwatu celebrates love in unparalleled style at, where breathtaking views, Balinese charm, and luxurious amenities combine for an unforgettable celebration of love.

Wonderland Bali Uluwatu as Your Bali Wedding Venue

Wonderland Bali Uluwatu, offers a mesmerizing blend of Balinese elegance and natural beauty. The architectural splendor of the venue seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural wonders, creating an idyllic haven for love to flourish. Whether it’s the intricately designed gardens, the captivating ocean vistas, or the impeccable service, Wonderland Bali Uluwatu ensures that every detail of your wedding day is crafted with elegance, leaving you with cherished memories of a truly enchanting celebration.

Venue Setting

The Wonderland Uluwatu is Bali’s events space, built on 10,000 square meters of oceanfront cliff top land. The Wonderland Bali Uluwatu venue setting is a breathtaking fusion of Balinese charm and modern luxury. Perched atop the stunning Uluwatu cliffs, the venue offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for weddings. There are 3 unique spaces to move through your wedding day for Ceremony, Garden Party & Reception.


Wonderland Uluwatu is composed of three unique and exclusive spaces, the Point, the Pool and the Joglo event venue. Each offers a different atmosphere, while remaining connected by a shared sense of aesthetic and comfort. Narrow jungle paths invite guests to explore between these spaces that are each singularly designed to provide a complete experience in itself or one magical experience when combined together.

Favorites Spots to Photograph

The Wonderland Bali Uluwatu boasts several favorite photo spots for me each capturing the essence of its enchanting surroundings. Whether capturing the couple in a tender embrace of the bride’s radiant beauty against its finely crafted details, the Joglo at Wonderland Bali Uluwatu emerges as a symbolic and photogenic centerpiece. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the terraces provide a breathtaking backdrop, especially during sunset, creating a magical ambiance for romantic photographs.


Wonderland Uluwatu that can be re-configured for events as intimate as a date for two or as grand as a wedding dinner for more than 300 seated guests.

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