bali marigold flower fields

Beside the temple, Bali is also well known as their Bali marigold flower fields. During the season, you can easily find the fields around Kintamani area, or known as Plaga. Usually we can stop for the fields after our session at Batur Mountain. The striking flowers look completely at home in the bright sunshine, with hues of yellow, orange, and gold stretching into the distance.

In Indonesia the marigold flower is called Kenikir and the Balinese name is Bungan Mitir or Gemitir. The plants used in Bali usually have yellow-gold flowers, and sometimes light red or brown and they bloom continually. Marigolds are short-lived aromatic herbaceous perennials, with their pungent aroma it is believe they discourage insects from feasting on nearby crops.

Because the blooms are used in Balinese Hindu culture, daily demand is high and sustainable. Farmers usually cultivate marigolds during the dry season when water is inadequate to plant rice. The flower is grown commercially up in the mountains of Bali. Every morning they are brought down in truckloads to be sold at the markets.

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