Mount Batur

About Mount Batur

Mount Batur is the highlight of the Kintamani routes, the mountain beauty surround by the black volcanic rocks (black lava) and sand. Feel the warm sunlight in the morning touch down to the couples giving a warm and romantic photo result. There are no places in Bali that I know of that offer this kind of beauty, warm, tranquility, and closeness to nature as you’ll find in Mount Batur.

There are 2 spots in Batur Mountain to get a magnificent view but you can’t do all different locations in one session. You can either choose the black lava where you will stand on the black lava directly very close to the mountain or choose to shoot from the top (called Penelokan mountain view) where you can get 3 different mountains as a background.

If you’re wanting an adventurous Bali photo spot, this spot is the perfect option!

Best Time to Shoot

Be here on sunrise for the most awesome lighting, sunset is not recommended.

Entrance Fee

Sometimes the local people will ask 250.000 rupiah for photoshoot at the black lava.

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