Sangeh Monkey Forest

About Sangeh Monkey Forest

If you hear the word monkey forest you might immediately remember a place in Ubud. But, there’s another monkey forest in Badung Regency, close to Canggu, it’s called Sangeh Monkey Forest. Like the other monkey forest in Bali, it’s a home for long-tailed grey macaques. Monkey’s population in this forest is around 700 monkeys and they are tame and friendly enough to play with.

Sangeh Monkey Forest covers around 6 hectares of fertile forestland with primordial, giant nutmeg trees that can grow up to 40 meters in height. There are also mahogany, guava, and sapodilla trees – some of the trees at Sankey Monkey Forest are over 3 centuries old.

Another interesting thing in the monkey forest is the temple, called Bukit Sari Temple. It is a sanctified temple which is known as Pura Pucak Sari in the locals. Rainforest, beautiful Balinese architecture, what a great location!

Best Time to Shoot

The good thing about photo-shooting in the forest we can shoot anytime without worrying about the sunlight as the location is under the shade. I usually shoot here a bit early around 3 pm before heading to Canggu beach or in the middle of the day after the session in Ubud.

What to Wear For Photoshoot at Sangeh Monkey Forest

Any soft or muted color outfit is perfect here!

Entrance Fee

The cost for a prewedding shoot in the area is 500.000 Rupiah.

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