Nusa Penida Proposal of Justin and Sharon. Diamond beach is getting popular lately. Travelers come from all over the world to visit this untouched, white-sand, and silky blue water bay on the eastern tip of Nusa Penida. Giving an adventurous vibe, Diamond beach is also a place for a romantic proposal with a view. Known for its timeless charm and romantic destination, Diamond Beach is a haven for couples seeking unforgettable experiences. The breathtaking scenery and numerous photo spots with mesmerizing ocean views make it a truly magical setting. The warm and romantic light adds an enchanting touch, making it the perfect moment to capture a proposal.

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Justin reached out to us earlier, and together, we meticulously planned every detail to ensure it was a seamless surprise for Sharon. Then, at the perfect moment, he knelt on one knee and presented an exquisite ring. The look of joy and surprise on her face was beyond imagination, and she joyfully said yes. We went to the beach after it, and we had to climb down a little bit and climb over rocks to reach the beach. It is totally worthed.

There are so many photo spots in Nusa Penida from sunrise to sunset. I will divide the locations by the best photo timing so it would be easier for you to decide on the routes. If you’re looking for a photographer for your proposal in Nusa Penida, get in touch with me.
It will be my pleasure to help you plan your surprise and turn it into a precious memory!

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