Culture: Ngusaba Desa

Bali, the island of the god with it’s beautiful scenery, wonderful frienly people, lush greenery and cultivated fields, make Bali over well known all over the world for what it is. There are so many temples around, make the island so spiritual and live.

There are celebration in Bali called Odalan which is celebrated every 210 days; 6 months in Balinese calender. Two different odalan are celebrate every year, small one which can be last 2 days and big one which normaly last three days long. When the big Odalan take place, lots of music and dance perfomance take place. some dance which is used to company the ritual itself and some other dances which used to entertain the community people.

These images below were taken last week in Tampaksiring, Gianyar, when they held a big Odalan called Ngusaba Desa.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ]
TopengTopeng 2Topeng 3Baris DanceRejang DanceMepeedOfferingSekaa GongParking[/pe2-gallery]



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