There many kind of traditional ceremonial in Bali which each of the village has their own way to implement. The philosophies which contained the each of the ceremonial is to implementation the thanks to the almighty god Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, where the form by doing the upakara yadnya. There are so many kind of upakara yadnya in Bali which each of the upakara has they own purpose with many kind of offering to the god in form of Banten. There some symbols are contained in the Banten which the symbol has a meaning which are representative the purpose of each traditional ceremonial.
Melaspas is one of the Bali traditional ceremonial where this ceremonial is purpose to clean the negative element from the building. The Balinese peoples believe that the entire thing especially a building has Great Spirit of goodness soul which stays in the building which in Bali language “Medaging or Pedagingan” the purely soul goodness spirit.
There are great philosophies contained deep in side the Melaspas traditional ceremonial. Melaspas which came from word “mala” which means bad or negative elements and “pas” which means cleaned or to make purely so the word Malepas means to make something to be cleaned from the negative element so it became purely. The Melaspas especially done to ceremonies the new building like; house, Merajan (temple), event thought villas, hotel and other building which the Balinese peoples that the building so the beside to cleaned the building from the negative element. The Melaspas also has purpose to giving the goodness great spirit of soul to the building so as the owner we will protected from bad or negative elements.
These images below were taken yesterday in Klungkung, when they held Melaspas or Mepedagingan ceremony for the new Temple

Melaspas 1Melaspas 2Melaspas 3Melaspas 4Melaspas 5Melaspas 6

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