The Ngaben (cremation rite) is a sacred right of passage in Bali. The Hindu-Balinese believe the body is impure, a temporary shell, having no significance at all, except as a container of the soul and its anchor to the earth. All thoughts at the time of death are concentrated upon the spirit and its passage to heaven. The body is just there to be disposed of, and, instead of grieving, the Balinese prefer to throw a great celebration, in the process hastening their dead friend’s soul to oneness with god.
Every 3 years, Tampaksiring village held a General Cremation rite also known as Ngaben Masal, this rite was held for the death who has been in grave. This year, more than 200 corpse were cremated, and the ceremony was massive… Lets take a look at some of my shot a took on August ,11th 2012 of the Cremation in Tampaksiring.
Cremation in Tampaksiring 1
Cremation in Tampaksiring 2
Cremation in Tampaksiring 3
Cremation in Tampaksiring 4
Cremation 5
Cremation 6
Cremation 7
Cremation 8
Cremation 9
Cremation 10
Cremation 11
Cremation 12
Cremation 13
Cremation 14
Cremation 15
Cremation 16
Cremation 17
Cremation 18
Cremation 19
Cremation 20
Cremation 21
Cremation 22
Cremation 23
Cremation 24
Cremation 25
Cremation 26
Cremation 27
Cremation 28
Cremation 29
Cremation 30
Cremation 31
Cremation 32
Cremation 33
Cremation 34
Cremation 35
Cremation 36
Cremation 37
Cremation 38
Cremation 39
Cremation 40
Cremation 41
Cremation 42
Cremation 43
Cremation 44
Cremation 45
Cremation 46
Cremation 47
Cremation 48
Cremation 49
Cremation 50
Cremation 51
Cremation 52
Cremation 53
Cremation 54
Cremation 55
Cremation 56
Cremation 57
Cremation 58
Cremation 59
Cremation 60
Cremation 61
Cremation 62
Cremation 63
Cremation 64

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