Eric & Family Adat Bali Photoshoot

Photo session for pre-ceremony of Balinese Tooth Filing (mepandes), a sacred ritual of Balinese purification ceremony before adulthood to be a better people by controlling the avidity.

Photographer: Me & Hanzo Kurosaki
Make-up Artist: Dewa Dodik
Date: 13/11/2011
Location: Museum Bali

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ]
Mesangih 4.jpgMesangih 5.jpgMesangih 6.jpgMesangih 7.jpgMesangih 8.jpgMesangih 9.jpgMesangih 10.jpgMesangih 37.jpgMesangih 35.jpgMesangih 36.jpgMesangih 17.jpgMesangih 18.jpgMesangih 19.jpgMesangih 32.jpgMesangih 30.jpgMesangih 31.jpgMesangih 21.jpgMesangih 23.jpgMesangih 29.jpgMesangih 27.jpgMesangih 24.jpgMesangih 20.jpgMesangih 38.jpgMesangih 39.jpgMesangih 40.jpgMesangih 28.jpgMesangih 14.jpgMesangih 15.jpgMesangih 11.jpgMesangih 12.jpg[/pe2-gallery]



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  1. c4t says:

    om gmk…yg selendang terbang tuh gmn caranya??
    oh ya tambahin juga donk foto2 landscapenya…hehehe

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