Plenilunio Villa

Beyond Ordinary, Where love meets exclusivity, Plenilunio Villa in South Bali

Plenilunio Villa as Your Bali Wedding Venue

Plenilunio Bali Villa offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean and a front row seat to stunning sunsets, wedding in a warm, sophisticated aura. The elegant surroundings and the breathtaking views make every wedding a picturesque affair. The villa itself is a testament to timeless elegance, crafted from a 150 year old antique wooden house that adds a touch of historical charm. With its unique blend of luxury, natural beauty, and historical allure, Villa Plenilunio Bali provides an enchanting backdrop for couples seeking a truly memorable and romantic wedding experience in the heart of Bali’s tropical paradise.

Venue Setting

Plenilunio Villa is an exclusive wedding venue and accommodation in south Bali precisely at Pecatu village near Uluwatu. This venue whispers sweet tales of everlasting love, embraced by the gentle winds and the golden warmth of the South Bali sun. From the villa we can watch the stunning sunset and feel the sea breeze onto your skin. The inviting homely atmosphere is further accentuated by an open courtyard surrounding a large swimming pool, serving as both a captivating wedding venue and a charming reception space.


Villa Plenilunio venue is an elegant 10 bedroom luxury villa, perfectly designed creating balance between two antique javanese joglos and modern style structures. The Villa is sitting on a cliff top magic location that reveals the unspoiled white sands of Nunggalan Beach offering 180 degree panoramic sea views, ocean sunsets and a breath-taking canopy of stars at night. Villa Plenilunio’s design offers comfortable and luxurious living, making it the perfect and unforgettable venue for a wedding celebration.

Favorites Spots to Photograph

My favorite photo spot at Villa Plenilunio is a captivating set against the backdrop of antique Javanese joglos. Nestled in front of these beautifully crafted structures, the scene is nothing short of enchanting. The intricate details of the antique joglos create a timeless and cultural ambiance, providing a unique and charming setting for your photographs. As you stand in this picturesque spot, the breathtaking terrace ocean view unfolds before you, adding an extra layer of natural beauty to the frame. The expansive ocean vista creates a perfect blend of cultural richness and natural splendor, making it an ideal and memorable location to capture the essence of your time at Villa Plenilunio.


The Villa can host up to 200 guests for a seated dinner experience and up to 300 for a standing dinner with buffet during the events.

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