Khayangan Estate Uluwatu

"According to ancient Hindu texts, at the beginning of time God created fourteen worlds in the universe. At the seventh heaven, high above the highest sky lies Khayangan – the most magical place of all"

Khayangan Estate Uluwatu as Your Bali Wedding Venue

Born in the midst of divine beauty and peaceful allure, Khayangan Estate is of another world. Today, Khayangan Estate has become one of Asia’s preeminent private event venues hosting celebrity weddings, corporate parties, and an array of fashion photoshoots.

Like a modern day fairy tale, Khayangan Estate brims with heavenly aspirations and abundant pleasures, where flowers bloom year around, dramatic vistas envelope you, and the fantasy of dream weddings are fulfilled amidst environs as magical as they are memorable

Venue Setting

Originally built as a private residence, the design of Khayangan Estate Uluwatu is singularly unique. Every space, from intricately carved bed canopies and elaborate lattice paneling to a ‘floating’ terrazzo bath with private gardens, has been carefully crafted with artisan touches from centuries of fine-tuned workmanship.

Khayangan Estate is uniquely developed and designed, consisting of ten antique wooden houses from Java, once the homes of noble men, they’ve now been retrofitted with luxury amenities of the modern world. These grand old houses will take you back through history to a time of unimaginable finery. The authentic features, such as hand carved panels and beams, have been kept intact as have the original wooden floors. Wall panels have been replaced with glass lending the rooms a modern touch, which also allows more natural light to enter enriching the interiors.


Khayangan Estate is famous for its friendly and attentive butlers trained in the renowned traditions and authentic spirit of Balinese hospitality Khayangan’s attentive staff will cater a highly customised experience. Whether it’s being pampered in the cliff top spa, or dining on savory cuisine created by the in-house chef, or simply watching the sun set from the cliff side bale with a glass of chilled Champagne prepare to be spoiled.

Favorites Spots to Photograph

Khayangan Estate is one of my favorite wedding venues in Bali, you can find so many spots for photos here and every spot is incredible. Bali has many traditional venues and fantastic examples of Balinese famous architecture, but it’s not too much to say that the Khayangan Estate is one of the most awe-inspiring of any of them.

Starting from the entrance you can shoot at the garden & the Joglo style lobby area. I love shooting at this area as the light bias from the sunset lit this area soft & evenly. If you turn 180 degree, you get a infinity pool overlooking the blue Indian ocean.

Moving to the main room, the all wooden Joglo decoration give your photos a unique feel of Indonesia. Also not forget to mention the bathroom of this main villa is also a cool place to photograph, check out the wooden carving, as well as the bathtub in the middle of the fish pond.

All along from the main stairways to the ceremony area are photogenic. The blue ocean combined with bright colour of Bougainvillea, and the greenery of the coconut garden are perfect composition for your photo backdrop.


The venue fit 250 – 300 pax

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