Canggu Rice Fields

About Canggu Rice Fields

Whilst the Canggu rice fields are not known as the best in Bali, they are still stunning. Usually, I shoot at Canggu rice fields as the addition of Canggu beach location. These 2 locations will add different backdrops on your Bali photo sessions. Some of my clients also prefer to shoot here when they are staying in the Badung area, so they don’t need to go very early to Ubud.

The most exciting and great Canggu rice field photo spot is the one in Jalan Raya Seseh or Munggu near the Bajra Siddhi Palace. It’s the only rice field where you can get a spacious greenery field with a unique contour of the terrace that easy to capture almost similar to Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Access also very easy, you just need to safely park on the roadside and walk straight away to the rice fields.

Precautions before the shoot, you need to check the harvest season of the rice fields before deciding to have a shoot here. The harvest cycle is every 4 months.

Best Time to Shoot

You can go here either sunrise or sunset, but I prefer sunset before the session at the beach.

What to Wear For Photoshoot at Canggu Rice Fields

Kindly avoid wearing heels on the rice fields.

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