Blue Point Beach

About Blue Point Beach

One of the beaches that great for a photoshoot in Bali is Blue Point or sometimes called Suluban. The beach is called Suluban beach by the locals because visitors who wanted to go to the beach should ‘mesulub‘ (entering the gap of a narrow cliff). Foreign tourists are more familiar by the name of Blue Point because it is not far from the beach there is a hotel named Blue Point.

Blue Point offers a beautiful beach with white sand that truly captivating surrounded by high tall cliffs. Not only offers a great beach Blue Point offers a very challenging ocean wave, making this beach a paradise surfing spot for the surfers. If the weather is sunny, almost every day there are surfers who try the waves at this beach, both who are professionals or beginners.

Before entering a narrow gully, we need to go down a lot of staircases. Please enter slowly as sometimes the stairs will be slippery. Once the tip of the bottom step you will be presented with a view in a rock cave.

Best Time to Shoot

Be here on sunset for spectacular lighting. Make sure to always check the tide, if the tide is high the seawater will enter the cave.

Entrance Fee

500.000 Rupiah for photoshoot entrances.

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