Candidasa Beach

About Candidasa Beach

Candidasa beach is the most popular beach resort along Bali’s east coast. It’s where you can enjoy a quiet seaside escape, far from the crowds and busier traffic scenes of the island’s south. The beach itself features grey rocky sand, a sequence of sandy shores, and breakwaters. Sometimes you will find some traditional fish boat docking on the shore. You can easily reach the beach from the parking lot or if you are staying at one of the resorts you can easily walk from your room as most of the resort has their own access to the beach. The well-known beach resort in Candidasa Beach including Amankila Resort, Alila Manggis, Villa Angsoka, and Ramayana Candidasa. Many couples also held their wedding on those resorts.

The crown of the beach actually lies under the water. Diving and snorkeling are huge here, there is abundant sea life, from beautiful corals and plenty of fish, including sharks, manta rays, and sea horses. The perfect spot to snorkel is around Gili Mimpang, Tepekong, and Biaha, three rocky islands that are just off the shore of Candidasa. So if you are a diver you could consider this place for your photoshoot! I am happy to accompany you to dive after the session!

Best Time to Shoot

It’s possible to shoot sunrise or sunset on this beach. This place isn’t too crowded so don’t worry to come at anytime!

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