Bali Photography

5 Countries in total has been traveled in our trip. After 3 Hours in train from Brussels, we arrived back in Amsterdam to spend the remaining day before we flight back to Bali. Yes, flight back home 🙁 The only things we noticed that change from our last visit 2 weeks earlier was the weather / temperature, it was drop significantly to around 9*C. It freeze us, since we haven’t prepare for it. We spend this last few days to meet friends, bought some souvenir for our friends in Bali,

Amsterdam, the first city we visited in our Euro Trip. 13 hours of non stop flight made us a bit jet lag however everything was OK when the plane had landed at 8 o’clock in the morning at Schiphol Airport. Since we arrived very early, we had a plenty of time to walk around in the airport, to know the area, the dutch sign and how their public transportation work. Day 1: Learning the public transport If you are ever experiencing traveling by public transport in Singapore (MRT) or other