Singapore Prewedding Destination

About Singapore Prewedding Destination

Sometimes, I also got a chance to captures pre-wedding outside Indonesia, some of them are in Singapore. I’m losing count how many times I have been in this small country. It might quite hard to figure out where to have a Singapore prewedding destination as most of the area is very developed. But here are some of my favorites places to have a prewedding shoot in Singapore:

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a national landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nature attraction in the heart of the city features a small tropical rainforest, a ginger garden, and an orchid garden. The tropical rainforest is one among the only few pieces of original jungle left on the island and it’s reported to have more than 300 species of flora. The tallest trees stand about 40 meters in height. I love to shoot here because we could have any types of unique and exotic flowers, plants, or trees as our photoshoot background!

St Petain Road

For couples who wanted to have a classical Singapore building for their backdrop, I would recommend doing it here. St Petai Road is a street at the Jalan Besar area that is well known for a dazzling row of shophouses done in the Singapore Eclectic style. The building was full in Chinese decorative ornament called “Chinoiserie”.

Best Time to Shoot

Most of Singapore prewedding destination that I mention can be shoot anytime as the locations are under the shade.

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