rias bali

Bali Photography

Payas Bali / Balinese Traditional Preweddings of Adi & Wida was held in Geriya Pondok Bukit, Tampaksiring. The casual one was shoot at a private villas in Tabanan area. They were a photogenic couple, I’ve got no issue on directing / posing them. They just do it their self naturally. 🙂 The sun that day was really soft, It’s was help me a lot. I did used some flash for backlight & fill-in effect, Thanks to PIXEL ENTERPRISE LIMITED for supporting me with a great lighting equipment. The new Pixel

There many kind of traditional ceremonial in Bali which each of the village has their own way to implement. The philosophies which contained the each of the ceremonial is to implementation the thanks to the almighty god Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, where the form by doing the upakara yadnya. There are so many kind of upakara yadnya in Bali which each of the upakara has they own purpose with many kind of offering to the god in form of Banten. There some symbols are contained in the Banten which